Buyer's Guide Website solutions that work well with Microsoft 365

SimpleWebsite365 was designed to be easy to setup and use but lacks any complex features. It's a trade off between simplicity and features.

Let's start by figuring out who isn't a good fit for SimpleWebsite365.

  • You have some technical skills.
  • You want more than just a basic website for your business.
  • You want full control over website design.
  • You know about and how to use Wordpress.
  • You want to sell things on your website.

If you have any additional questions, feel free to reach out via our support chat on the bottom right and we'll try to help you along.

Solution SimpleWebsite365 Carrd SquareSpace/Wix Wordpress
Summary A basic website solution designed specifically for Microsoft 365. Lot's of templates and widgets but a slight learning curve is necessary to use the editor. Make professional looking websites with lot's of options at a higher price. Widely used to build complex websites with a large learning curve but infinite options.
Price for basic site on your own domain $29 per year $19-$49 per year $120-$400+ per year $0 - $120 per year
Integration with Microsoft 365 Domains We guide you through step-by-step with screenshots. No experience needed.
Some basic knowledge necessary, but simple steps.
See here
Multiple steps to get your Microsoft 365 domain verified and connected, but supported.
See here
Most complicated of this selection. You will need a contract with a web hosting company, setup a wordpress instance and point your Microsoft 365 domain to that instance.
Login Login with Microsoft 365 account, no seperate username or password Seperate username and password Seperate username and password Seperate username and password for hosting provider and then for Wordpress account.
Security Very secure Very secure Very secure You have to keep your Wordpress site updated whenever a plugin releases new version otherwise sites are prone to being hacked.
Advanced features None Video Uploads, Forms, Widgets, Integrations eCommerce Shop, Member-Areas, Analytics Very large ecosystem of plugins to achieve any goal with extra effort
Support Personal & fast support via Live Chat Widget & Email Personal & fast support via Support Form Many support channels and automated tools Split into support from your hosting provider, but also community forums.

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