Microsoft 365 Buyers Guide Frequently Asked Questions

If you have a question that isn't answered below, feel free to contact us using our live chat in the bottom right corner.

Do I need a Microsoft 365 account to use SimpleWebsite365?
Yes, you sign-up and later login to our service with your Microsoft 365 account.
Do I need a Microsoft 365 admin account?
Yes, because we read the domains from your account to make configuring your website easier and our billing is integrated with your Microsoft 365 subscription.
How can I purchase SimpleWebsite365?
Simply buy a subscription through AppSource (Microsoft's app store). Have a look at our detailled buying guide.
Why is a public website not included with Microsoft 365?
There used to be an option, but it was removed a couple of years ago. For more advanced users, there is a new option called Power Pages. SimpleWebsite365 is as the name implies just a simple no-fuss solution for getting a website online quickly.
Where is my website data stored?
All our servers and database are in Microsoft's own European data centers. No data is ever sent outside the EU. We also use a privacy aware analytics solution that doesn't use any cookies and hosts all data in Europe.
Why is there no cookie notice on your website?
The only cookie stored on your browser is for authentication which is excepted from showing a cookie banner.
Why is there no cookie notice on my website?
Your website doesn't use cookies to store any data, so there is no need to get consent from users.
Do I have to buy my domain through Microsoft 365?
No. We recommend it for new users as it is the easiest, but you can add a homepage that you bought from a different domain provider to use for SimpleWebsite365.
Can I trust you?
We are not only long-time Microsoft developers with many years working in IT security, but we run a number of Microsoft 365 products, like our mail merge plugin for Outlook which has terrific ratings on the Microsoft app store